5mm Economy

5mm Economy


Economy NMR tubes.

Outer Diameter of 5mm

Thin Walled

Lenths of 7, 8, and 9 inches

ASTM Type 1 Class B Borosilicate Glass (N51)

Supplied with NMR tube caps except WG-1000-7 and WG-1000-8 which are supplied without tube caps

Economy NMR tubes are recommended only for 1D NMR with small organic molecules (mw<1500) at ambient temperature.

Class B (econony) tubes have less thermal shock resistance than class A (precision) tubes and may contain Fe2O3 which may have an impact on shimming quality.

For NMR experiments that involve coolong / heating, biological samples, multi-dimensional, multi-nuclei or DNP techniques, please use Precision tubes (class A).