Roaring Noon 1922: Genuine Jazz Age GIn

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For the first time in 98 years you can purchase a genuine Jazz Age Gin. There's a bit of a story behind Roaring Noon 1922  so read on to find out just how unique and original this gin really is.

In May 2016 we were asked by Professor Sarah Churchwell if we could partner her in producing a very special, unique gin.

Sarah is a Professor of American Literature and also the author of Careless People: Murder, Mayhem and The Invention of The Great Gatsby. As part of her researches she came across a recipe for bathtub gin, written down by the king of the jazz age himself, F Scott Fitzgerald. If ever there were a carrot, this was the big one!

Not only that, Fitzgerald probably wrote the recipe down during the months his great novel immortalizes: he once said 1922 was the year of his ‘own first and last manufacture of gin.’ So, without doubt, Sarah had stumbled across the real deal.

Distilled by Ian Hart from Sacred gin it faithfully recreates the recipe Fitzgerald kept, bottled at a punchy, ‘prohibition strength’ 67% no less!

So, how does it taste?

It is smooth, clean and fresh, surprisingly so for such a high ABV. Whilst it only uses 3 botanicals its flavour is satisfying and complex. It is a great sipping gin, and works fantastically well in short cocktails and makes an exceptional Martini.

We think it’s as elegant and formidably powerful as one would hope from a gin that invokes the glamour, excitement and daring of jazz-age America.

And why is it called Roaring Noon? In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald describes entering a cellar speakeasy in New York in the summer of 1922. The time…? “Roaring Noon.” So here is “Roaring Noon 1922”, a genuine Prohibition strength bathtub gin, from a recipe treasured by the King of the Jazz Age.

So, this really is the real deal. A gin exactly as it would have tasted in the prohibiton era of the 1920s

Our first batch is now available in bottles of 200ml. Be amongst the own this unique, historic gin.



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