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Goss Scientific Instruments Limited


European General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR:

The new GDPR regulations, introduced in May 2018, are changing the way that your personal data can be processed and controlled. This privacy statement outlines how we collect, store and process data.

Who we are:

Goss Scientific Instruments Limited supply NMR consumables and Stable Isotopes to scientific researchers based within UK Universities and private companies.

Legitimate Interests

Our lawful reason for using personal information is known as ‘legitimate interests’.

This means that we can process data if we have a genuine and legitimate reason to do so, if we are not harming any of your rights and interests.

We only store the names and business addresses of our customers / prospects. There is a legitimate interest between ourselves and our customers / prospects to maintain contact.

We respect the rights and privacy of our customers / prospects and are happy to remove all your data on request.

Do we control or process sensitive personal information?

We only collect and store data relating to our existing customers / prospects based on ‘legitimate interests’.

We do not seek, store, control or process any ‘sensitive’ personal data.

What data do we keep on file?

The data we collect, and process is limited to:

Name and Position in University / Company

Work address – University or Company

Work email address

Work telephone / fax number

Why do we collect data?

We only collect the data that we need to stay in contact with our customers /prospects so that we can inform them of pricing changes and of new product releases that may be relevant to their scientific research.

We do not retain any data that is not necessary or is out of date.

What do we do with the data?

We do not send out mass mailshots and will only contact customers by email if it is necessary to do so or if we believe that a new product may be of interest to them.

We use postal mail addresses to send out pricing information once or twice a year. This is a necessary communication of information between ourselves and our customers / prospects.

Do we keep any financial information?

No. We do not keep any records of passwords or credit / debit card details.

Do we share any information with others?

Our customer / prospect database is proprietary information and only visible to Goss Scientific sales and marketing staff.

Data will never be shared with, or sold to, any external parties.

Do we buy information from others?

We do not buy information from third parties.

How long do we keep data?

We only keep relevant data. If we find that an individual has moved on or are asked to do so by the individual, data is removed permanently.

Informing us of changes

Please keep us informed if your personal data changes. The information we hold should be current and accurate. Please request that your data be removed if your job role changes and you no longer require a relationship with us.

Web Site Cookies

We do not have cookies on our web site.

Can individuals see what information we hold on them?

A request for information can be made by contacting