Radio emulation interface for the BMW K1200LT.






IMG_3826The original radio fitted to the K1200LT is a BMW Professional 2000 head unit with controls on the handlebars and on the "stingray" in front of the rider. There are no controls at all on the radio.

The display for the radio on earlier motorcycles is in the stingray and is one line of text. The later motorcycles after 2004 moved the display to the instrument panel and besides the one line of text, there are icons for "Traffic Info" etc.

The radio communicates with the display and controls by a single wire that is connected between them. That wire sends and receives digital data using a protocol known as Ibus, which makes life very difficult should the owner want to update the radio to a different type, as aftermarket units don't speak "Ibus"!  Some people have bought car interfaces thinking that they will work, others buy something called an SWC (whatever that is) and find that nothing actually works with the K1200LT, especially "Plug and Play".


BMW_radio_emulatorThe answer to the problem is an interface that receives the Ibus signals and converts them into something that your chosen head unit can understand. The image here is a prototype of a device to do just that. It is designed to work with an Alpine head unit, testing having been done with an Alpine CDE-193BT, a CDE-205DAB and a CD-173BT for the USA market. However it will work with all Alpine head units, resistive interface radios like the Pioneer and Sony, Kenwood IR and others. If your radio is not on the list, it can be added with a little information from you about your radio. If you have an IR remote control for it, so much the better as I can upgrade the software simply by borrowing your remote control for an hour!

The  IR interface works just like a hand held infra red remote control would. When it receives an Ibus command, it looks up the Alpine command to issue and sends it to the radio via a single Infra Red LED discreetly placed in front of the radio.  The interface allows the user to decide how the factory BMW controls should work and which commands they should map to. It also has a user configurable output, this can be used for PTT on a two way radio, light switching or anything else you might want to control via a relay, all from the original BMW control that you prefer.

Orders are being taken for these interfaces at £149.99 each. Please get in touch to ask for further information or to order one, see the webshop link..  email enquiries welcome on interface @  (take out the spaces).  or ring me on +44 1452 311031

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New BMW K1200LT radio emulator interface

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