About us

At the beginning of Sky TV, there was just one channel, broadcast on Intelsat at 27.5W. This required large dishes and a deep pocket. With the launch of the 16 channel service for the UK public, we became involved in the installation of Sky analogue and other equipment for European services. In 1990, the business was moved to Calton Road in Gloucester and continued to expand both computer and satellite business. We also became more active in the TV aerial business. Soon afterwards, Sky TV granted us Approved Sky Dealer status which meant that we were able to pass customer's contract details to Sky and specify the equipment that we would install for our customers, rather than be forced to use the standard issue equipment that would be installed by Sky Direct. We were also granted CAI membership after careful scrutiny of the business. Our registration number is C366, one of the earliest! The next expansion was in 1998 when we moved into the current premises in Bristol Road, making room for more stock and to have more engineers to cater for the demand. When Telmec Services closed down, we were proud to continue the service they provided to their customers and still offer the same telephone number of 01452 423839. The whole business is now incorporated as Telmec Ltd as from 1st September 2011, trading as AJL Electronics and Classic Microcars. Having more space means that we can now carry LCD TV sets and other home cinema equipment. We normally have a good range of LCD TV sets and Freeview receivers in stock. AJL have a fleet of service vehicles, fully equipped with all that an engineer requires to install aerials and satellite TV systems.