Courtesy light timer for Scimitar GTE

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Interior light / courtesy light delay timer for the Scimitar GTE SE6 onwards. It is a direct replacement for the American built bi-metallic timer unit fitted by the factory. There are three options available, A bare board to build into your old can, a sleeved version that doesn't need building into anything and a rebuild service into your own original can. This timer is not just on/off but it fades to fully off after 20 seconds of full brightness.


The timer is suitable for the following vehicles without modification:

Scimitar SE6, Scimitar SE6a, Scimitar SE6b, Scimitar GTC, Middlebridge and any other vehicle that used the same original timer unit.


With a small modification to the interior light wiring, it is also suitable for the Scimitar Coupe, Scimitar SE5, Scimitar SE5a and Coupe, as well as many other vehicles when modified to suit.

Selection: Courtesy light timer for Scimitar GTE

Product no. Build_version Status Price
GTETIMER-0001 Bare, tested board.
£19.95 *
GTETIMER-0002 Sleeved timer.
£21.95 *
GTETIMER-0003 Rebuilt into your own can.
£29.95 *

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