Lucas Instrument Voltage Stabiliser

Product no.: VOLTREG

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Lucas original style Instrument Voltage regulator. These are rebuilt units, using solid state components. They are NOT the typical aftermarket units currently on the market, using SMD devices with no filtration components.

These have been rebuilt in our own workshops using your original casing, so it looks like nothing has been disturbed. The regulator is a 1A device with overload protection and the filter capacitors fitted. Each one is individually tested before despatch and the regulation Voltage marked on the side.

Unless we have a casing, you must send your original casing for rebuild, together with instructions about whether you want the casing blasted, or left original. Enclose your full details for device return.

PLEASE NOTE: For this device to work correctly, a perfect earth connection must be made. A poor connection here will allow the instruments to receive unregulated battery Voltage. It won't do them any harm, but it will make them read over.

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