Suicide & Self Harm

Suicide & Self Harm

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Prepare to be enlightened by this riveting series featuring three very different yet fascinating approaches to personality disorders. Watch DBT pioneer Marsha Linehan, CBT expert Art Freeman, and psychoanalytic legend Otto Kernberg work with Alfred, a challenging client struggling with severe Axis II issues and deep ambivalence about being in therapy.
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Dr. Donald Meichenbaum is one of the founders of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and was voted “one of the 10 most influential psychotherapists of the 20th century”. He recently received a Life-time Achievement Award from the Clinical Division of the American Psychological Association for his work on suicide prevention.
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Dr. Beck has taught thousands of clinicians through training programs at the Beck Institute and has presented hundreds of workshops nationally and internationally on a variety of cognitive therapy topics. Among her many professional publications are two essential texts in the field, used at hundreds of universities worldwide.
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It is certainly a treat to see one of the most bold and influential psychotherapists of our generation in an actual therapy session. Watch Albert Ellis demonstrate his signature style: confrontative, headstrong and steadfastly rational…and remarkably effective in just one session.

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When a suicidal client is sitting across from you, how do you assess risk, negotiate no-harm agreements, and manage borderline reactivity while keeping your seat? In these riveting live demonstrations with DBT originator Marsha Linehan, learn essential strategies for working with distressed clients.

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) was developed for people with Borderline Personality Disorder but now has a wide evidence base for a broader range of complex conditions with treatment resistant presentations.
In this enlightening and practical video interview Consultant Clinical Psychologist Paul Grantham explores with Dr Fiona Kennedy the key elements of DBT and its applications to complex cases.

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Watch Marsha Linehan, founder of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), in action in this session with a middle-aged man with a significant personality disorder struggling with suicidal depression and anger after being left by his girlfriend.
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As mental health professionals, there is no way for us to know who is going to commit suicide, but learning to successfully assess risk and address threats will greatly improve the chance that we can prevent it from happening.

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An educational program for the public. This video program for the public describes the risk factors and warning signs of suicide and offers guidelines from experts in suicide prevention and treatment for getting troubled loved ones to the professional help they need.

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An educational program for mental health professionals Learn from three people that made highly lethal suicide attempts and survived, as they courageously share their stories of self-destructiveness, survival, and recovery. They reveal intimate details of their life histories that contributed to their attempts.

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Using case studies taken from his 45-year-career as a suicideologist—Jack Klott will bring to life the ideas, theories and concepts presented in this engaging one-of-a-kind workshop.

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