Couples and Infertility: Moving Beyond Loss - 1 CPD Hour

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A growing number of couples in the United States find themselves facing the profound disappointment of infertility, which can place enormous strain on even the healthiest of relationships. When asked to rate their most stressful life experience, research participants in one study reported that the stress of infertility was nearly as devastating as the death of a child or spouse.

Using a clinical illustration of a family systems approach to treatment, this video offers a framework for understanding the emotional and psychological impact of infertility upon couples who have sought unsuccessfully to conceive.

Presented by the Depression Project of the renowned Ackerman Institute for the Family, the therapists walk viewers through a series of emotionally charged clinical sessions with a real couple struggling with infertility.

By watching this video, you will learn to help couples:

  • Work through the feelings of profound loss, mourning, and shame that often surround a diagnosis of infertility.
  • Recognize and cope with the common problems arising from an infertility diagnosis (e.g., marital dissatisfaction, sexual dysfunction, loss of spontaneity, and increased conflict).
  • Reduce the feelings of isolation the members of the couple feel from each other, as well as from family and friends.

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About Constance Scharf, LCSW


Constance Scharf is the Dean of Students and a faculty member of the Ackerman Institute, as well as co-founder of Ackerman's Infertility Project. She has presented workshops on family therapy and infertility in the United States, Argentina and Hong Kong. With other members of the Infertility Project, she has published two articles in Family Process and a book, Couple Therapy for Infertility.


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