Family Secrets: Implications for Theory and Therapy - 1 CPD Hour

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Most families have secrets, handed down from generation to generation like “booby-trapped heirlooms” waiting to explode. Secrets have far-reaching implications for families, setting the stage for a tense emotional climate of guardedness, anger, and reactivity.

In this illuminating video, Evan Imber-Black, an expert on rituals, larger systems, and family secrets, speaks to viewers about the implications of secrets, and presents techniques for ushering families through the process of identifying, understanding, and resolving secrets. Imber-Black leads a moving series of reenacted family therapy sessions to illustrate the important stages of helping families to uncover their shrouded pasts.

By watching this video, you will learn to help families:

  • Uncover and examine key events in their family history
  • Understand how these patterns may affect family functioning
  • Decide whether, when, and how to reveal a secret
  • Promote fuller integration of the family history and events of the past

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About Evan Imber-Black, PhD


Evan Imber-Black is Director of the Center for Families and Health at the Ackerman Institute for the Family and Professor of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Internationally recognized for her work with couples and families, she is past president of the American Family Therapy Academy, and author of the books Rituals for Our Times and The Secret Life of Families. She is editor of the book Secrets in Families and Family Therapy and serves on editorial boards of several scholarly family therapy journals.


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