Irreconcilable Differences: A Solution-Focused Approach to Marital Therapy - 2 CPD Hours

Irreconcilable Differences: A Solution-Focused Approach to Marital Therapy - 2 CPD Hours

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Insoo Kim Berg's unique style and unwavering optimism comes to life in this demonstration of Solution-Focused BriefTherapy.

When couples come to therapy they are often combative, quick to point the finger, and about to give up on the relationship. In this video, Insoo Kim Berg demonstrates her approach with one such couple, and in two sessions shows how effective it can be to focus a couple on their strengths and resources, moving them away from fighting and towards collaboration.

Leslie is angry with her husband, Bill, for working long hours and neglecting her and the children. Bill is struggling to support his family and believes Leslie doesn't appreciate or trust him. Insoo Kim Berg uses techniques to focus this fiery and argumentative couple on solutions, and bring their mutual commitment to the relationship and family to the forefront.

From watching this video, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the goals of a solution-focused brief therapy approach with couples, and what it means to support, generate and enlarge solutions.
  • Learn how to apply solution-focused techniques to your work with couples including finding Exceptions to Problems, the Miracle Question, Scaling, and Amplifying Change.
  • Witness Berg’s remarkable ability to connect with challenging clients and inspire them to discover their strengths and resources.


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About Insoo Kim Berg, LCSW


Insoo Kim Berg, MSSW (1934-2007), was co-founder and director of the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, WI. She developed the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) model with her partner, Steve de Shazer. A native of Korea, Insoo balanced her heritage with Western scientific training in her clinical practice and teaching.

Berg served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Family Psychology and Counselling Series, Families in Society, and Family Process. She was a founder of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association, clinical member and approved supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and was also active in the Wisconsin Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the National Association of Social Workers, and the European Brief Therapy Association. She was a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and regularly conducted seminars and workshops on SFBT throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe.

A prolific writer, Insoo published eight highly acclaimed books in ten years, including More than Miracles: The State of the Art of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (2007), Tales of Solutions (2001), Building Solutions in Child Protective Services (2000), and Interviewing for Solutions (1997 and 2001, 2nd ed).


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