James Bugental: Live Case Consultation - 1 CPD Hour

James Bugental: Live Case Consultation - 1 CPD Hour

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See Master Psychotherapist, James Bugental consult on a real case!

This video presents a rare and invaluable opportunity to view renowned existential-humanistic psychotherapist James Bugental demonstrate his unique group consultation style. Watch as Bugental asks seasoned psychotherapist Orah Krug to role-play her client “Joe,” allowing the case to come alive in the room. Bugental hones in on the client’s resistance, and demonstrates his mastery of bringing the subjective experience of both the therapist and the client to the forefront. Rather than assuming the role of expert in the supervision process, Bugental helps Orah discover her own truths about where Joe is stuck, and use her discoveries from the role-play to further deepen the therapeutic work.

Then watch as the group comes together for enlightening discussion—Bugental elucidates the critical importance of subjectivity in both psychotherapy and consultation, and explains the therapeutic process of inner searching through personal stories and therapeutic anecdotes. Also included are four bonus tracks, where Bugental relates inspiring, touching and often funny stories from his lifetime of knowledge and therapeutic experience.

From watching this video, you will:

  • Understand the therapeutic importance of focusing on the subjective worlds of both the therapist and client in the consultation process.
  • Learn new techniques to deepen your clients’ inward search process of self-discovery.
  • Increase your skills to identify and work effectively with client resistance in psychotherapy.


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About James Bugental, PhD


James F.T. Bugental, PhD (1915-2008) was a leading spokesman for existential-humanistic psychotherapy since the publication of his ground-breaking book The Search for Authenticity. He followed with classics such as Psychotherapy and Process, The Art of the Psychotherapist, and Psychotherapy Isn't What You Think. Recipient of numerous awards, and influential trainer to thousands of psychotherapists, he truly made a substantial and enduring contribution to the field of psychology.


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