The Legacy of Unresolved Loss: A Family Systems Approach - 2 CPD Hours

The Legacy of Unresolved Loss: A Family Systems Approach - 2 CPD Hours

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Family therapy is well known for understanding the symptoms of the identified patient within the context of the larger family system. Monica McGoldrick has been a pioneering voice in extending the power of family therapy even further, helping us see how one family member's loss has ramifications for others—through an extended family network, and even across several generations.

In this realistic simulation of an18-week course of therapy with the Rogers family, we see how the presenting problem—teenage daughter Michelle's rebellious behaviour—masks unresolved loss across three generations of family members. Despite the father's initial resistance to explore the death of the children's mother, McGoldrick links this loss with the family's current struggles, and assists them in the delayed grieving. She shows remarkable fluidity and mastery as she changes her stances based on the family's needs of the given moment, while her commentary provides the viewer with insight about her interventions.

By watching this video program, you'll learn how to:

  • Use genograms to quickly assess patterns of unresolved loss
  • Assign homework that helps families mourn their losses and resolve their grief
  • Evaluate how diverse factors, including ethnic and gender issues, impact family's ability to cope with loss
  • Achieve therapeutic goals by supplementing regular family sessions with an individual or couple sessions


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About Monica McGoldrick, LCSW, PhD


Monica McGoldrick, M.A., LCSW, Ph.D. (Honorary), the Director of the Multicultural Family Institute in Highland Park, New Jersey, is also Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She received an Honorary Doctorate from Smith for her many contributions to the field. Among many other awards, she has received the American Family Therapy Academy Award for Distinguished Contribution to Family Therapy Theory and Practice. She has written and spoken widely on a variety of topics including culture, class, gender, the family life cycle, loss, genograms, remarried families, and siblings. Three of her books have become best selling classics of their publishers: The Changing Family Life Cycle, 3rd edition; Ethnicity and Family Therapy, 3rd edition; and Genograms: Assessment and Intervention, 3rd edition.


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