Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy - 2 CPD Hours

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Dr. Hanna Levenson, a leading proponent of Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP), takes the viewer through the highlights of a 20 session course of therapy with a depressed, passive, and somatizing 74 year-old man. She illustrates how to develop and maintain a focus of treatment, intervene, and terminate in a time-effective manner. With helpful voiceovers, she shares her perceptions and insights as the case is unfolding, explaining the rationale for her interventions. She demonstrates how TLDP integrates psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioural, and system approaches, and is especially useful for patients with chronic and pervasive interpersonal difficulties. The clarity of Dr. Levenson's instruction makes it clear why Hans Strupp, the co-founder of TLDP, refers to her as a "master teacher."

By watching this video, you'll learn how to:

  • Quickly assess the patient's suitability for TLDP
  • Collaboratively set meaningful and achievable goals
  • Keep the therapy focused on the goals at hand
  • Use transference and countertransference to focus on interpersonal patterns
  • Truly make every session count!


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About Hanna Levenson, PhD


Dr. Levenson has been specializing in the area of brief therapy-as a clinician, teacher, and researcher-for over 25 years. She directs the Brief Psychotherapy Program at California Pacific Medical Center, and is a professor at the Wright Institute. She has published over 70 articles and two books, Time-Limited Dynamic Therapy: A Guide to Clinical Practice, and The Concise Guide to Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy.


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