Tools and Techniques for Family Therapy - 1 CPD Hour

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JOHN EDWARDS has spent the last twenty years distilling the intricacies of family systems theory into a user-friendly approach that has enhanced the work of thousands of clinicians and educators in North America.

Now you have a chance to experience first-hand Dr. Edwards' deceptively nonchalant therapeutic style. Utilizing a blend of workshop footage, family sessions, and focused interviews, this video provides an overview of eleven fundamental techniques for effective family work.

  • Segmenting
  • Enactments
  • Positive Reframing
  • Mapping
  • Draw-A-Dream
  • Circle Method
  • Colleague Teamwork
  • New Talk
  • Guardrail
  • Sculpting
  • Alter Ego

Dr. Edwards' ability to put theory into practice in an accessible manner has made him a favorite of psychotherapists, social workers, and substance abuse and pastoral counsellors.


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About John Edwards, PhD


Known for his inventive reframes of challenging family issues, Dr. Edwards has developed an enthusiastic following through seminars, AAMFT supervision, and his books, Treating Chemically Dependent Families: A Practical Systems Approach for Professionals and Working with Families.


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