Internal Family Systems Therapy - 2 CPD Hours

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Richard Schwartz demonstrates Internal Family Systems Therapy in an actual couples therapy session. Learn to help partners in a couple get to know all parts of themselves so that they can engage more fully in relationship.

Schwartz’s approach helps individuals gain a sense of self-leadership over the parts of themselves that they are struggling with. In this session, Schwartz helps Loren and Kathy examine the parts of themselves that are causing problems in their marriage. Loren says Kathy disengages for several days after they have a fight. Kathy says that she is afraid if she reveals her true self to Loren, he won’t like it and will look to other women for intimacy. Watch as Schwartz helps Kathy get in touch with her fear of Loren “wandering,” by naming, talking to and comforting that little girl part of herself. Loren is visibly moved by watching Kathy’s exploration, gains a deeper understanding of her vulnerability, and agrees to work on his own fearful part that has an impulse to “wander.”




By watching this video, you will:



  • Learn how to help couples identify their own constraining and problematic sub-personalities and gain self-leadership over them.
  • Gain an understanding of the self as a whole, along with different types of sub-personalities, including exiled parts, “managers” and “firefighters.”
  • Develop new couples therapy strategies that integrate deep individual exploration with systems approaches.

About Richard Schwartz, PhD

Richard Schwartz, PhD developed the Internal Family Systems Therapy model. He is Associate Professor at The Family Institute at Northwestern University and the Institute for Juvenile Research at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He is also the author of Internal Family Systems Therapy, and co-author of the widely read textbook, Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods.


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