Effective Motivation Techniques: Force Field Analysis - ORGANISATIONAL

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A practical video demonstration of this innovative psychological intervention for use with clients, combined with comprehensive comments and reflections from Paul Grantham, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.


Contained within this DVD-Video:


  • A brief history of the technique
  • Its role as a motivational tool - aligned to problem solving
  • The relationship between Force Field Analysis and Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Detailed description demonstration of its use
  • Detailed demonstration of its use including the addressing of practical client issues
  • Detailed professional reflection on issues arising within the therapy session
  • Its adaptation for use with clients with literacy issues
  • The nature and limitations of its use as a motivational technique

Client: Talia is a 30 yr old asylum seeker presenting with employment problems and low mood. Her motivation for addressing her problems is affected by repeated failure to obtain work. Mood and motivation rise during the course of the session in part as a result of the use of Force Field Analysis.

Practitioner: Paul Grantham, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, illustrates the use of the Miracle Question within the context of brief solution focused work, demonstrating how to bypass issues of resistance and help create personal change in the client.


About Paul Grantham


Paul Grantham is a clinical psychologist with extensive NHS, Social Services and training experience. He has worked extensively within the NHS and has trained staff in health care, social services, local government and education around the UK. He has written on a range of therapy and helping issues. He has a particular interest in why people do NOT change and currently focuses on overcoming obstacles to behaviour, emotion and attitude adaption in clients. An extensively informed, clinically experienced and humorous speaker he is known for his emphasis on the practicalities rather than just the theory of client-based work.

Paul is a founder and Director of The Skills Development Service Ltd and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.


This is an Instructor Version and can be used for groups and training purposes.



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