The Therapeutic Community, Volume III - ORGANISATIONAL

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The Therapeutic Community, Volume III: Components of a Generic Therapeutic Community

Since the 1950s therapeutic communities (TCs) have effectively treated people with the most severe cases of substance abuse. The focus on an all encompassing community and peer support model is still thriving in TCs today. George DeLeon, author of the classic text, The Therapeutic Community, blends his expert lectures with historical and contemporary footage from active TCs in this comprehensive series on the framework, methods and components of an ideal TC.

De Leon goes beyond theory to explain the specific operations of an ideal therapeutic community: what happens on a daily basis, what the physical space looks like, what activities are involved, and what are the functions and roles of the staff and community members. He emphasizes that all TCs can maximize their efficacy by enhancing and adhering to these components.

From watching this video, you'll be able to discuss:

  • The importance of creating psychological separateness from the outside culture and creating space that reflects a community environment.
  • The structure of day-to-day life including the resident work program, phase format, pathways of communication, duration of program and community activities.
  • The roles and functions of staff versus community members and the importance of maintaining the peer support model.
  • The use of encounter groups, awareness training, and emotional growth training to help community members change.

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About George De Leon, PhD

George De Leon, PhD is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of substance abuse and a leading authority on research in Therapeutic Communities. He is the founder of the Center for Therapeutic Research (CTCR) at National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. (NDRI), and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at New York University. He provides training in Therapeutic Community practice to mental health care professionals in treatment programs, and is the author of the book, The Therapeutic Community: Theory, Model and Method.


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