"My Kids Don't Appreciate Me:" REBT with a Single Mother - ORGANISATIONAL

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See REBT in action in an actual therapy session with a single mother struggling to effectively parent her teenage children.

Janice has worked hard to improve her situation for herself and her four children. She left an abusive relationship, obtained her GED, re-entered the workforce and gotten off general assistance. Now she struggles with the age-old dilemma so many parents face -- her teenage children don't appreciate her. Watch as Dr. Janet Wolfe uses REBT techniques to challenge the irrational beliefs that keep Janice mired in hurt feelings and anger.

Dr. Wolfe works to help Janice make the connection between her irrational beliefs ("they shouldn't treat me this way") and the emotional and behavioural consequences of those beliefs. Moving to a more rational belief system empowers Janice to sidestep the power struggle with her teenagers and parent more effectively.

Interspersed throughout this actual session is an informative discussion that elucidates Dr. Wolfe's rationale in utilizing classic REBT techniques.

Most people associate REBT with the confrontative and even cantankerous style of its founder, Albert Ellis. Dr. Wolfe shows how REBT principles can be practiced with a softer touch.




By watching this video, you will:



  • Learn the ABC's of REBT practice: identifying activating events (A), working with beliefs (B) and making the connection to emotional and behavioural consequences (C).
  • Gain insights into the use of REBT techniques and how to adapt them based on particular client needs.
  • Deepen an understanding of how this action-oriented psychotherapy teaches individuals to replace self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and actions with those that are more productive.


This is an Instructor Version and can be used for groups and training purposes.



About Janet Wolfe, PhD


Janet L. Wolfe, Ph.D. has served for over 25 years as Executive Director of the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City, and currently has a private consulting and therapy practice in New York City.

Dr. Wolfe has conducted hundreds of workshops and has helped spawn numerous programs in schools, clinics, and agencies based on REBT/CBT principles. She has written extensively in professional books and journals and is co-editor of The Resource Book for Practitioners and author of What to Do When He Has a Headache: Renewing Desire and Intimacy in Your Relationship.


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