Angry & Challenging Youth 2 Day Seminar with Dr R. Brooks (8 DVD) - 12 CPD Hours

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Youth who display anger, resistance, and disruptive behaviours pose significant challenges for clinicians, educators, and parents. In this two-day seminar, Dr. Brooks examines these negative behaviours using a strength-based framework that focuses on the concepts of mindsets, motivation, and resilience. He describes (a) the mindset of adults who work effectively with angry youth, (b) the mindset of many angry youth, and (c) the mindset of youth who are more cooperative, self-disciplined, hopeful, and resilient. He discusses the components of motivation and a “resilient mindset” and strategies for nurturing these qualities in angry youth. He also highlights a framework to help us deal more successfully with our own stress and pressure.


Key Learning Points:

  • Key Concepts: Mindset, Resilience
  • Background: Inner city Boston, Locked Inpatient School, A Personal Loss
  • Key Questions:
  • Mindsets - Angry and Resilient Adults & Youth, Positive Adult Mindset, Resilience is Possible, Importance of a “Charismatic Adult”
  • Positive Adult Mindset: Inborn Wish for Mastery, Addressing “Avoidance Motivation”, When to Change Strategies, Empathy
  • Negative Mindset of Angry Youth: Stories of Angry Youth, Beliefs and Feelings on Angry Youth
  • Frameworks for Identifying Intrinsic Motivation: Attribution Theory, Deci’s Focus
  • Interventions to Reinforce “Resilient Mindset”
  • More Interventions (continued)
  • Developing Stress Hardiness: Disillusionment and Burnout, Commitment, Challenges & Personal Control, Promoting Satisfaction & Happiness

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1. Angry & Challenging Youth 2 Day Seminar with Dr Robert Brooks – Individual Training Programme (12 CPD Hours) – 8 DVD Set, CD-ROM with seminar materials, Certificate of Completion.

2. Angry & Challenging Youth 2 Day Seminar with Dr Robert Brooks – Organisational Training Programme – 8 DVD Set, CD-ROM with seminar materials, Group License.

3. Angry & Challenging Youth 2 Day Seminar with Dr Robert Brooks – 8 Audio CD (Individual Version)


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About Robert Brooks, Ph.D.


Robert Brooks received  his doctorate in Clinical  Psychology  from Clark University in 1969. Currently, he is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School  and has served  as Director of the Department of Psychology at McLean Hospital. His first position at McLean Hospital was as principal of the school in the locked-door unit of the child and adolescent program.
He also maintains a part-time private practice.
Dr. Brooks has received numerous awards, including the Outstanding Educator Award for Mental Health Education.  He has also served as a consultant to Sesame Street Parents Magazine.
Dr. Robert Brooks has lectured nationally and internationally to audiences  of parents,  educators,  mental health professionals,  and business people on topics pertaining to motivation, resilience, family relationships,  the qualities of effective  leaders and executives,  and balancing our personal and professional  lives.  He has also written extensively about these topics.
He is the author or co-author of 15 books including his most recent book, Raising Resilient Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


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