Core Strategies for Treating Traumatic Bereavement (8 DVD) - 12 CPD Hours

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The sudden, traumatic death of a loved one poses survivors with challenging demands.

Drawing on cutting-edge information from the fields of psychology, thanatology, and traumatology, Dr. Rando dissects the complex and often misunderstood experience of traumatic bereavement, explicates its dynamics, and provides 12 essential core strategies for effective clinical intervention after a death from an accident, disaster, suicide, homicide, terrorism, or war.


  • How loss and trauma complicate mourning
  • At least 6 high-risk factors making any death traumatic
  • Five common survivor concerns after traumatic death
  • At least three unique treatment issues for each of the four types of traumatic death
  • Five core strategies for treating traumatic bereavement
  • The components to master personal traumatization
  • The four steps in meaning reconstruction

Topics Covered

Foundational Concepts

  • Loss, Shattered Assumptions & Grief
  • Mourning & the six "R" processes
  • Complicated mourning & trauma
  • Traumatic stress and its 4 sources in grief/mourning
  • Overview of interventions & strategies

Traumatic Bereavement

  • Definition & its 5 impacts
  • 12 High risk factors & the "triad of troubles"
  • Three levels of association of acute grief with traumatic stress and their implications & why sudden death is so different

Dealing with Traumatic Death

  • Problematic issues due to circumstances of the death and its concerns

Treatment Issues for Specific Types of Deaths

  • Acute natural death, accident or disaster
  • Suicide , homicide, terrorism or war

Treating Traumatic Bereavement

12 Core Strategies

  • Assess and formulate the plan
  • Educate
  • Promote healthy coping

Core Strategies #4 & #5

  • Identify & address resistance
  • Work toward mastery of personal traumatization

Core Strategies #6 - #9

  • Address unfinished business & unanswered questions
  • Enable the six ?R? processes of mourning
  • Adopt strategies relevant for the death circumstances
  • Support use of personal bereavement rituals

Core Strategies #10 - #12

  • Aid navigation of the outside world
  • Assist in reconstruction of meaning
  • Help the mourner not let the death define or limit the self


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  4. Core Strategies for Treating Traumatic Bereavement 2 Day Seminar with Therese Rando, Ph.D. – 8 Audio CD (Individual Version)
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About Therese A. Rando Ph.D., BCETS, BCBT

Therese A. Rando Ph.D., BCETS, BCBT is a clinical psychologist. She earned her doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island and received advanced training at Case Western Reserve University Medical School and the University Hospitals of Cleveland.

She is the Clinical Director and Founder of The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Loss which provides mental health services through psychotherapy, training, supervision, and consultation, and specializes in loss and grief, traumatic stress, and the psychosocial care of persons impacted by chronic, life-threatening, or terminal illness.

A national media resource expert in dying, death, and loss for the American Psychological Association, Dr. Rando has appeared on numerous television programs including the Today Show, CBS This Morning, and Oprah.

Dr. Rando has over 80 written works pertaining to the clinical aspects of thanatology and is a recipient of numerous awards for her accomplishments in thanatology.

Her current professional foci include treatment of complicated mourning, loss of a child, the interface between posttraumatic stress and grief, anticipatory mourning, and specialized intervention techniques for traumatic bereavement. She also consults, conducts research, provides expert witness legal testimony, and lectures internationally in areas related to loss, grief, illness, dying, and trauma.


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