Emotional Manipulators and Codependents: Understanding the Attraction - 4 DVD Set - 8 CPD Hours

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Emotional manipulators and codependents are perpetually and inevitably drawn to each other. The attraction dynamic is so strong that both partners pursue each other despite therapeutic interventions, multiple failed relationships and painful consequences. This seminar recording investigates the relationship dynamic that irresistibly draws emotional manipulators (Borderline, Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorders) and codependents together.

Using a unique, fresh and innovative approach, Mr. Rosenberg will explain the fundamentals of this attraction dynamic. He will describe the nature of these binding relationships, which are often immune to personal or professional assistance. Ross will introduce his “Continuum of Self” model, which ties together the complex web of underlying psychological forces that inescapably draws the emotional manipulators and codependent into enduring and mutually inescapable relationship. You will explore why these two personality types exist in an intense, fluid and self-correcting system that creates an enduring magnetic attraction.

You will learn what drives emotional manipulators and codependents’ relationships and you will become familiar with the destructive nature of this relationship type. Most importantly, you will learn how to help the codependent victims recognize their own propensity to be attracted to emotional manipulators while teaching them how to help minimize their victimization. With an understanding of this “magnetic” relationship force, psychotherapeutic efforts can be more focused and effective. At the end of the day, you will leave with a deeper understanding of the emotional manipulation, codependency and the relationship dynamic between the two, as well as with methods to assist Codependents in disengaging from emotional manipulators.


  • Identify/diagnose emotionally manipulative individuals (Borderline, Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorders)
  • Identify and diagnose codependent clientele
  • Demonstrate the complex relationship dynamic occurring between emotional manipulators and codependents
  • Explain the working definition of the Continuum of Self model
  • Outline how to integrate the Continuum of Self model into a therapy practice
  • Recognize the etiology of Emotionally Manipulative-related Personality Disorders
  • Recognize the etiology of codependency
  • Discover effective clinical skills for codependents who want to avoid and/or detach from their emotionally manipulative partners


Behind the Mask of the Manipulators

  • Who are these manipulators?
  • Why do they have so much power?
  • What do these manipulators have in common?
  • An examination of emotional manipulators:
    • Borderline Personality Disorder
    • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    • Antisocial Personality Disorder
  • Historical examples of emotional manipulators

Who are the Codependents?

  • Why do people who sacrifice and love unconditionally get hurt get so badly?
  • Traits of codependency
  • The selfless and sacrificial personality type

The “Dance”

  • Emotional manipulators and codependents are natural dance partners
  • Why the two opposite personality types remain together
  • Why the dance is flawless
  • The destructive force of the relationship

The Magnetic Force of Attraction

  • Manipulators and codependents are human magnets
  • The properties of human magnets
  • The force pulling manipulators and codependents is irresistible
  • Can they ever achieve balance?

The Continuum of Self (COS) Concept

  • Opposing personality understood on a continuum
    • Codependents versus emotional manipulators
  • An explanation for why opposite attract
  • A new definition for “self”
  • A new way to measure self within relationships
  • A measurement of self and relationship orientation

Stability and the Continuum of Self Concept

  • Why dysfunctional relationships resist change
  • When stable is not good

Family Systems and the Continuum of Self Concept

  • Family systems theory explains the attraction
  • Families are controlled by their thermostat
  • Why equilibrium is king
  • Why all relationships resist change – even the healthy ones

Continuum of Self and Love & Romance Addictions

  • Love or romance addiction and codependency
  • Addictions and emotionally-manipulative disorders
    • Personality disorders and addictions are difficult to differentiate
  • The importance of differential diagnosis

Famous Emotional Manipulators and Codependents

The Etiology of the Emotional Manipulative Disorders and of Codependency

Treatment Options/Approaches

  • For the emotional manipulators
  • For the codependents

Can the Codependents and Manipulators Change?

  • Can the patterns be broken?
  • What is the prognosis?

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About Ross A. Rosenberg, M.Ed.


Ross A. Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, is the owner of Clinical Care Consultants - a counseling center in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Since 1988, Ross has been an administrator, professional trainer and psychotherapist in the mental health, social service and/or child welfare fields. Ross is considered an expert in the field of sex addictions and internet addictions, for which he provides comprehensive counseling, training and consultation services. Ross provides professional trainings spanning the topic areas of sex and internet addictions, codependency, narcissism and borderline personality disorders, ethics and the clinical implications of Technological Advances.
Over the span of his career, Ross has specialized in the fields of substance abuse, addictions and codependency/co-addictions. Ross's addiction work includes chemical and process (behavior-based) addictions. Ross's psychotherapy services for addictions, codependency and survivors of trauma and/or abuse has enabled his clients to achieve balance, mutuality and feelings of respect and appreciation in their lives.

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