Yoga and Mindfulness: Brain-Body Strategies for Children and Adolescents - 3 DVDs - 6 CPD Hours

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Today, families and children are experiencing extreme stress. This can be reflected in children’s diminished academic, attention, and social skills to problems in sensory processing, physical health, depression and self-injurious behaviours. This creates conflict in following routines, managing emotional or physical responses or adjusting to transitions. Ranging from those who react to stress with violent behaviours, or who are overly withdrawn, to high achievers, this extreme stress that shows itself in sensory processing issues crosses cultural and economic barriers.

This DVD features 10 brain body strategies for children with ADHD, autism and sensory issues who struggle with paying attention, following directions, managing their emotions, completing daily tasks, eating, socializing and communicating.

You will discover cutting edge evidenced-based strategies for school, clinic and home settings that include: grounding breath, contact improvisation, open focus, digital detox plan, sensory feeling wheel, easeful parenting techniques, and body sensing yoga. Interactive demonstrations, experiential anatomy, physical exercises, and break out groups are used to further expand the topics covered.

You will learn specific yoga, mindfulness and embodying techniques to help children to: inhabit their body instead of disassociating from it, experience a core place of stillness, translate body mind knowledge into function and feel comfortable and safe in sensation. Gain strategies for applying The Attunement Lifestyle Questionnaire and techniques as an integrative consulting tool with families.


  • Learn 5 calming yoga techniques for classrooms or consults
  • Practice 6 breathing techniques to improve attention
  • 7 steps to unhook from electronic device overuse
  • Define 10 steps to build healthy nutrition for families of ADHD and spectrum disorders

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About Barbara Neiman


Barbara Neiman, OTR/L, Yoga Trainer, and Certified Practitioner of Body Mind Centering have been working with paediatrics and adults and practising yoga and meditation for 35 years. She is an advocate of Integrative Medicine and the Body Mind Spirit Connection. She has empowered hundreds of clinicians, clients and families using alternative, integrative solutions. Barbara is training with Embodyoga of Amherst Mass in the 200-hour training for certification in Nov. 2013 and attended the 2013 Body Mind Centering Conference in Boulder, Colorado. She has been published in the New Paltz Times on “Reducing School Stress”, written for Advance Magazine and has been featured on telesummits, a webcast on” Integrating Mind Body Spirit Medicine into your Healthcare Practice” and the Holistic Occupational Therapy conference call on “ Attunement”. Barbara coaches people to create integrative therapy practices and teaches online courses.

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