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Addressing a Client’s Relationship with Drink (Solution Focused Live Case Consultation) - ORG

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Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) offers a unique strengths oriented approach to behaviour and attitude change based on a social constructionist philosophy. Its assumption of constant change, preexisting success and resources combined with a focus on what a problem free future would consist of, ensures a positive therapeutic approach.

Although SFT has its own unique theoretical underpinnings, it has also been successfully incorporated within other modalities, particularly through its contribution to addressing process issues related to resistance and client motivation. Its problem application has extended from family problems through long term health conditions to palliative care

This DVD series is an attempt to give practitioners a clear explanation of the SFT process and guidance about its use with the variety of clients. You will see unique footage of a live consultation with a client conducted by an experienced SFT practitioner Stephen Conlon. The interview is not rehearsed and the therapist (just like the viewer) doesn’t know what problem the client will want to address during the session. You will watch how the therapist approaches the issue, builds trust, explores the possible solutions with the client – all in front of the viewer's eyes.

This fascinating consultation is followed by a detailed and in-depth discussion between Paul Grantham and one of the leading SFT specialists and best-selling author, Bill O’Connell, about the session and the use of SFT in therapeutic practice.

The DVD finishes with the post-session client’s video diary recorded by the client and published in full unedited format.

This video material is part of a training series on SFT that concentrates on introducing SFT to the viewer through a combination of demonstration, discussion and reflection. This video series is specifically designed as a TRAINING TOOL for everyone who works with clients and wants to learn more about this evidence-based effective therapeutic approach. Suitable for therapists, teachers, and everyone involved in caring professions and those working with various fields that require people to change.


This is an Instructor Version and can be used for groups and training purposes.


About Bill O'Connell

Bill O'Connell (M.A., M.Sc., FBACP, BACP Accredited Counsellor, Dip. S.W., Dip. Couns.Sk.) is one of the UK's leading experts in the Solution Focused approach. He has the reputation of being an outstanding communicator who consistently delivers exceptional training events. Bill's background is in social work, youth work, lecturing, counselling and management.

Bill is the author of: Solution-Focused Therapy (2012 3rd edition) and Solution-Focused Stress Counselling (2001). He co-edited with Professor Stephen Palmer The Handbook of Solution-Focused Therapy (2003). He co-authored Solution Focused Coaching Skills in Practice (2012) with Stephen Palmer and Helen Williams.

Bill says:
“I'm passionate about the solution-focused approach to work and life. It is just incredibly helpful. I've used it for many years to deal with personal challenges as well as with professional issues. I love how respectful, elegant and simple it is, though not always easy to use.”

About Steve Conlon

Steve Conlon, (B.Sc. (Hons) RMN RNT Dip. N. CPN (Cert)) was the co-director of the M.A. programme in Solution-Focused Therapy at the University of Birmingham. He has trained in SFT in England as well as in the United States. He taught SFT as part of the B.Sc. Hons. in Mental Health at the University of Central England.

Steve is a highly skilled practitioner and talented trainer who presents ideas in a practical and exciting way. Steve has delivered training to over 5,000 people in a wide range of organisations. His particular expertise is in mental health and work with families.

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