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Matthew Terrell
17/10/2020 01:07

Crystal Healing Questions

Hello, I am currently attending Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. United States I am looking for a couple individuals who practice Crystal Therapy. I want to ensure you that your name and identity will be left out. I am doing a research project on healing and healers and would love your feedback. My contact email
1) Why do people seek crystal therapy?
2) What other types of treatment have you sought in the past?
3) What is the training process for practitioners in this field?
4) What are the reasons you chose this specialization?
5) Is Crystal Therapy used in conjunction with other forms of healing?
6) Is Crystal Healing only for humans? Can pets be involved?
7) How long have you been doing Crystal Therapy?
8) Can all problems be helped with Crystal Therapy?
9) How does the treatment work?
10) Have you or your patients health increased since using Crystal Therapy?