Aura Quartz Crystals

Aura Quartz Crystals

Aura quartz crystals

Genuine aura quartz crystals are natural quartz crystals treated with rare metals in a special bonding process at high temperature and pressure in conditions that could be similar to a natural volcanic eruption, but on a much smaller scale. This is as close to a natural formation as is possible with many of these elements and it produces some of the most beautiful crystals on Earth.

Some crystals and minerals are difficult or impractical to work with because of the form they grow in or their cost such as gold and platinum. The aura quartzes give you an opportunity to work with these crystals to improve your health and well-being. All of our aura quartzes are produced in the USA.

The Aura quartzes and healing properties

Aqua Aura is natural quartz crystal bonded with gold and resonates with the brow and throat chakras.
Healing qualities include boosting and strengthening the aura, communication, protection, all psychic abilities, negativity, depression, sadness, loss, grief and generally a “feel better stone”. Aqua aura quartz is excellent with helping you cope with shock and trauma on any level.

Titanium quartz, which is also known as flame aura quartz, rainbow quartz and rainbow aura quartz, is natural quartz crystal bonded with titanium and resonates with all the chakras.
Healing Qualities include helping to centre your emotions when you feel “all over the place”. It helps you see another’s point of view, aids meditation, stimulates energy flow, promotes change and eases the process of transformation. Titanium quartz helps you find your own true path through life, making career decisions and seeing auras. It can be useful in the treatment of fever, fluids, dehydration and water retention. It prevents illness (keeps you well), a is a “feel better crystal”,. It can also help bone cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis.

Angel aura is natural quartz crystal bonded with platinum and silver and resonates with all your chakras. It is also known as rainbow aura, platinum aura and opal aura.
Healing qualities include enhancing your connection to angels and the angelic realms, boosts your aura, gives protection and links to matters relating to your karma and the akashic records. It supports nurture, empathy and is particularly helpful for those in the caring professions. Angel aura quartz enhances love, promotes peace, brings balance and harmony and keeps you well by supporting your immune system.

Tanzanite indigo aura is natural quartz crystal bonded with iridium and gold. It resonates with the brow and crown chakras.
Healing qualities include boosting your spiritual connection regardless of belief. This helps you to express your own understanding clearly to others without being dogmatic or judgemental. In fact tanzanite indigo aura generally reduces judgemental attitudes and changes fixed thought patterns. Helps to reduce physical pain and brings mental clarity.

Golden orange mist aura is natural quartz crystal bonded with gold and iron oxide. It resonates with the sacral chakra.
Healing qualities include anything to do with physical energy… so that’s almost everything! It will give you more strength, vitality and endurance in both everyday actions and special tasks. It helps digestion. Golden orange mist aura stimulates mental activity, ambition and creativity and assimilation of ideas. It brings strength of character and confidence in abundance. It is also helpful when you need to make serious decisions.

Majestic champagne aura is natural quartz crystal bonded with gold and iron oxide. This is the same as golden orange mist aura crystal but the gold and iron oxide are in different proportions. It resonates with the base and crown chakras.
Healing qualities include an ability to link the spiritual and physical worlds creating a bridge between the two and helping you achieve balance in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of your life. It really acts to interweave all the pathways in your life together into one directional flow. Majestic champagne aura is also beneficial for restless leg syndrome, leg cramps and muscle spasms, headaches, both physical and mental itches and irritations. It is a very liberating crystal, freeing your mind whilst grounding you and holding you down at the same time.

Some of these crystals are quite recent acquisitions so they will have far more benefits than expressed here. So think of this as a starting point and please feel free to contact us with your own findings.

One word of warning when buying any aura quartz is that there are cheap replicas on the market manufactured extensively in the Far East and Africa. These are often known by other names such a rainbow rock or rainbow crystal and although superficially may look similar, they are just a coating on a crystal or coloured glass.

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