Pendulum dowsing

Crystal pendulum dowsing

Pendulum dowsing and selecting crystals


Choosing a pendulum
When you do, don’t think about it too much. Simply stand in front of a selection of them if possible and select the first one you notice. What are you drawn to? What qualities do you want your pendulum to have? Ask the pendulum! To do this simply identify your yes/no for yourself and ask if it is a good pendulum for you to work with. If it says yes fine, if not try another.

Crystal pendulums are easier to work with when you start as crystals magnify energy.

[Hold the pendulum in your hand and ask a simple question to which you know the answer is “yes”. Such as “am I a woman/man?” The pendulum will start to make a movement. Ask the opposite question and you should see a different movement. You have identified your “yes” and “no” and can now ask any question you wish. As with all spiritual tools pendulums respond to how they are treated. If you are serious your pendulum will always give you the correct answer (be aware of how you phrase your questions). If you treat it as a game or continually ask the same question over again it will respond accordingly!]

You can work with pendulum, dowsing rods or forked twig. A pendulum is more convenient, easier to transport and easier to work with over a client.

Pendulums give you a physical external representation of your natural inner knowing.

Once you have selected your pendulum, hold it over crystals one at a time and ask “do I need this crystal?” It’s that simple.

Dowsing is perhaps one of the oldest forms of divination. Being used in ancient times to find water, the image of the forked twig as a divining rod is universal.. Dowsing pendulums are more convenient modern tools than dowsing rods or forked twigs. Traditional dowsing methods are still used today by both water and oil companies around the world to find new sources of their natural raw materials.

Crystal pendulums are recommended because crystals amplify energy and make it much easier for you to tune into and work with your pendulum when you start.