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Adamite crystals Approx size 3 - 4.5 cm, yellow/green colour crystals on brown rock matrix. Source Mexico. Adamite crystal

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Amazonite crystals Approx size 4 - 6 cm, green (with white lines), opaque crystal. Source Russia

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Apache tear obsidian jumbo size crystal Approx 4 - 5cm translucent - opaque black natural These really are the largest ones we've ever had!

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Amethyst crystal cluster high quality Approx 6 - 9cm deep purple top grade crystals on thin matrix Source Uruguay Generic photo Sold singly

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Amethyst crystal cluster extra large high quality cathedral crystal druse Absolutely stunning crystal on feldspar quartz matrix. Approx size 32 x 20 cm, good purple top grade amethyst crystals. Source Madagascar. This is a photograph of the actual crystal you are buying. Simply the best - over 13kg of super amethyst.

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