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Shungite - Where science and crystal magic meet

shungite_01Every now and again there comes along a different crystal which is something special. Shungite is one such very special and amazing crystal! It is an ancient stone, around 2 billion years old! That’s old. Seriously old when you think that some of the oldest quartz deposits in Brazil are “only” around 200-500 million years old. It’s also one of the crossover crystals – crossing over from traditional shamanic crystal healing into modern medicine. Shungite has been used in medicine since 1700s for its antibacterial and water purifying qualities. (See I.F.Volfson et al Medical Geology: A Regional Synthesis retrieved 2012). It has an unusually high and unique carbon content.

Being 2 billion years old shungite predates life on Earth. It was here before any of us! It has a different feel and knowledge to share with us and amazing healing properties.

As well as purifying water shungite purifies all states of the body, mind and spirit. Shungite is good for psychic protection defending against negative energies from other people as well as those that might be in our environment such as electromagnetic radiation emitted from computers, microwaves, TVs, mobile phones (cell phones) etc.   It brings balance on all levels and promotes recovery from disease as well as tissue regeneration and growth.

Shungite is known as ‘The Stone of Life’ due to its amazing healing and antibacterial properties. It is a natural antioxidant that can increase immunity to many illnesses and counters the development of allergies.  As shungite naturally purifies water, drinking shungite enhanced water elixir can help to remove some health threatening molecules and free radicals from your system. It acts as a catalyst for the decomposition of organic matter and as it carries many microelements and biologically active substances it may be medically beneficial. It intensifies somatic biological processes but more research is needed on this. Shungite has been shown to interact with electromagnetic fields neutralizing their negative impact. It is good for dispelling over-sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and geopathic stress.

Shungite absorbs elements and chemicals from its natural surroundings and this is one of several scientifically important properties of shungite. Others include: medically its anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects, in astrophysics it shows the ability to shield radio waves, in quantum physics it acts as an electro conductor and in the field of biology it has been shown to have the ability to absorb oxygen and actively interact with it. Modern science has only experimented with this since the 1990s and serious research into shungite’s practical applications started only a few years ago. Scientists are currently working on many projects using fullerenes derived from shungite including: in makeup to stop UV damage to the skin, as part of a new generation of solar panel devices and as part future of techniques to help allergic conditions, including asthma. This is really just the start, there is much, much more to come.

Shungite knowledge – the wisdom of this stone is fascinating and this bit is going to blow your mind! Ever heard of fullerenes? Well fullerene is an odd form of carbon based mineral found in just a few places in nature including hidden in soot, formed in the atmosphere in lightning bolts, meteorites, the depths of outer space… oh yes, and of course shungite. One scientific theory suggests that these complex carbon molecules are the precursors of life on earth and are the very seeds from space that over the last 2 billion years have produced you and me walking on the planet’s surface and reading and writing this. Shungite is the only natural consistent source of fullerenes.

Research into shungite has also shown that direct contact with the stone can provide relief from pain and help to alleviate a number of diseases; especially of the musculoskeletal system, skin conditions and speeds healing of the skin, cuts and bruises.

Shungite resonates with all the chakras bringing each into balance. At the base chakra it is grounding, helping you to feel the Earth beneath your feet. Placed on the sacral chakra it can help you find new energy and direction for any project. Laying shungite on the solar plexus expands your creativity. With the heart centre a loving connection is born, helping you to connect with and see the beauty in everything around you. Placed on the throat it can help you to say the things that you need to say to others in a kind way. Placed on the brow it can help you see into the future and promotes dreams and premonition. Shungite opens the crown chakra enhancing meditation and mystical experience.

Shungite is an ancient rock and as such helps you connect to your spirit guides. It promotes magical experiences and leads you towards discovering the mysteries of life. It can help dreams and premonition and is a wonderful stone for psychic readers, tarot card and angel card readings.

I feel it brings emotional balance, a calm stillness to emotional storms.

Carry shungite with you 24/7 to keep you protected from unhelpful energies. Put a piece of shungite in bottle of mineral water overnight and drink it the following day for a general tonic health boost and physical detox.


Black or brown cryptocrystalline rock (made of perfect microscopic crystals) opaque, lustrous, metallic
Common source – Top quality shungite is only found in the Zazhoginskoye deposit near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West Russia. (lower quality shungite is available from Austria, India, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kazakhstan)
Common alternative names; fullerite, fullerene, bucky balls, Buckminsterfullerene
Astrological associations: cancer
Chakra: all
Healing qualities of shungite: antibacterial, antihistamine – allergies, cleanses and purifies mind body and spirit, protection, EMF, geopathic stress, balance, recovery from illness, tissue regeneration, growth, antioxidant, immune system, free radicals, pain relief, diseases of muscles and bones, skin conditions, minor injuries such as cuts and bruises. Arthritis, hair loss and heart conditions may also benefit. You will discover many more benefits for yourself as you work with your shungite crystal.

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