Reiki Workshop by CD Philip Permutt

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Reiki Workshop CD by Philip Permutt
For both beginners and experienced Reiki healers, this innovative workshop by Philip Permutt not only enchourages recently attuned healers to develop and practice their Reiki through exercises and guided meditation, but essentially offers advanced healers a useful set of meditations to prepare for treatments and attunements.

"Work on your heart and do things from the quiet space inside of you"

Reiki Workshop by Philip Permutt
Home workshops for yourself or with friends. Introductory guide to Reiki with exercises and meditations.

Philip Permutt
Philip is a Reiki Master and has been practising and teaching Reiki since 1994. He is author of the internationally acclaimed best selling books The Crystal Healer (2007) The Little Book of Crystal Tips & Cures (2008) and The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing (2009) all published by Cico Books. Philip has also written and recorded many albums for Paradise Music including Crystal Workshop, Meditation Workshop and the highly successful Little Meditation Album Series.
He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, Lyn and German Shepherd Dog Cassie.

Track list
Track 1 Welcome to Reiki
Track 2 The Reiki ideals
Track 3 Reiki attunements
Track 4 Reiki treatments
Track 5 Everyday Reiki
Track 6 Reiki for animals, pets and plants
Track 7 Lifestyle - Reiki and the chakras
Track 8 Reiki visualisation for manifesting goals
Track 9 Reiki and meditation
Track 10 Gasho Meditation
Track 11 Reiki in the palm of your hand

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