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Amethyst tumble stone cape variety

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Amethyst tumble stone cape variety
Medium size 1.5 - 3 cm various shapes see photograph (80 - 120 stones per 1/2 kilo)
Lavender - purple colour, translucent - transparent
Source - Brazil, South Africa
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Number of ratings: 4
Average rating: 5
Unusual delicate amethyst variety
from Anonymous on 20/01/2020
Lovely feeling from this type of amethyst, very flowing and soft energy.
Delicate light colour, with a gentle resonance.
from Debbie Smith on 17/08/2019
Lovely to work with when making amethyst trails. Store them in a Selenite bowl which they seem to like.
from Anonymous on 13/10/2015
I love the colour of these amethysts, they are a lighter lilac shade, just what I was looking for. Great feel and quality.
from Anonymous on 16/03/2015
Working well-am using them on clients as an Amethyst trail

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