Apatite - Blue Apatite Tumble Stone Large

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Apatite Tumble Stones, Blue Apatite tumble stone large, opaque crystal approx size 2 - 4.5 cm. Generic photograph. Apatite tumble stone sold singularly. Apatite Crystal

Common source; Canada, Pakistan
Astrological associations; Gemini
Chakra; throat
Crystal qualities; Crystal healers believe that apatite can help with regeneration of thoughts, ideas and creativity. It calms throat chakra leading to smoother and calmer communication. Apatite can help aloofness, negativity, intellect and is good for any type of endings from relationships to death. Apatite is also good for healers, teachers, communicators, trainers, journalists, writers, publishers, presenters, actors, singers, performers, etc. It promotes seeing the truth, balances all chakras, all psychic abilities, past life recall and understanding, yin/yang, meditation, inner self, clears mental confusion, appetite suppression [worn or carried], focus of healing energy to area needed inside the body [elixir].

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