Calcite green crystal Extra Large

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Calcite green crystal Extra Large Approx size 8- 10 cm, high quality deep emerald green colour, translucent - opaque. Source Mexico. Green calcite crystals
Green calcite
Massive rock
Common source - Mexico
Astrological associations: Cancer
Chakra: heart
Crystal qualities: Crystal healers believe that green calcite can help calm emotions, anxiety, panic attacks, wind ups.

Green Calcite also has all the general properties of calcite.

Astrological associations; Cancer
Chakra; all - See specific entries
Crystal qualities; Crystal healers believe that calcite can help with balance, emotions, over enthusiasm, fear, cleansing, stress, yin/yang balance. Calcite is a 'Feel Better Stone', and very calming. Calcite can be used for astral travel, channelling, teaching and studying especially art and science, seeing the bigger picture, bone growths, calcium deficiency.

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