Citrine crystal small tumble stones

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Citrine crystal tumble stonesMedium size 1.5 - 3 cm various shapes see photograph (80 - 120 stones per 1/2 kilo) yellow/gold with white colour, semi-translucent. Source - Brazil. The Photograph is a generic image of the type of crystal you will receive not the actual item for sale. Citrine crystal

Yellow, golden, or lemon variety of quartz, colour is due to heat from volcanic and other earth activity.
Common source: Brazil, Madagascar
Astrological associations; Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo
Chakra; solar plexus
Crystal healers believe the following: Crystal qualities of citrine; abundance, wealth, Money Stone, digestion of ideas and emotions, gut,  choice, decisions, relationships, anger, energy, strength of heart, cleansing, nausea and feelings of  sickness, self-esteem, regeneration, emotional toxins, toxins/detox, creativity, writing, inner strength, yin/yang balance. Citrine crystal is a Feel Better Stone. Citrine also helps with teaching and studying (learning), problem solving, awareness, endings and new beginnings, aura, clairvoyance and eyesight, selling houses! Personal experience suggests this is the go to citrine crystal for Chron's Disease.

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