Dumortierite tumble stone

Dumortierite tumble stone

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Dumortierite tumble stone Medium size 1.5 - 3 cm various shapes see photograph (80 - 120 stones per 1/2 kilo). Dark deep blue dumotierite colour sometimes with black inclusions, semi-translucent - transparent. Source - Brazil, Namibia. The Photograph is a generic image of the type of crystal you will receive not the actual item for sale. Dumortierite crystal

Dumortierite tumble stones
Blue and pink/brown masses.
Common source - Madagascar
Astrological associations; Leo
Chakra; Brow
Crystal qualities of dumortierite; Crystal Healers believe that dumortierite has the following helpful qualities: excitability, stubbornness, quiet confidence, stamina, patience, helps you to speak your mind. Dumortierite is particularly helpful for strains and stresses of everyday life especially when you're trying to do too much all the time. Dumortierite can also help you understand the underlying cause of dis-ease.

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