Herkimer Diamond Crystal B Grade

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Herkimer Diamond Crystal B Grade. These Herkimer diamond crystals are clear transparent - translucent crystals with inclusions, cloudiness and/or faults and/or damage and/or frosted surfaces. Approx size 1.5 - 3 cm. Genuine Herkimer diamond crystal. Generic photograph.

Herkimer diamond 
Clear, stubby double terminated quartz crystal from Herkimer County, NY.
Common source: ONLY source of genuine Herkimer diamonds is Herkimer County, New York State, USA (Other "diamond style" quartz crystals are available from Pakistan, Mexico, Romania, Himalayas etc. These are not the same as genuine Herkimer diamonds.)
Astrological associations; Sagittarius
Chakra; crown
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe Herkimer diamond helps stress, toxins, spontaneity, being in the moment, fear, relaxation, new beginnings, attunements (to energies, people, places, deities, ceremony, Reiki, etc), all psychic abilities, memory, protection, detox, metabolism of ideas - especially spiritual concepts, tension.

Herkimer Diamond Crystal B Grade, Herkimer diamond quartz crystal, Herkimer diamond stone, diamond quartz

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