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Lemurian Quartz Laser Crystal

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Lemurian Quartz laser crystal Single terminated quartz crystal laser natural wand. Medium size Approx size 4 - 6cm. Source Brazil. The perfect healing crystal. Clear quartz hexagonal crystals with small terminations and "bar code" striations on sides.

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Excellent Quality
from Anonymous on 15/01/2019
Bought two of these for friends. Excellent quality! They are thrilled and have reported positive experiences. They are beautiful crystals, perfect size to place on different parts of the body with positive results. Everything I have purchased from this company has been of the highest quality and very affordable. Would highly recommend!
Very good
from Anonymous on 19/03/2018
I bought the small size. It was a good size for the price, and the crystal was very pretty. Great for meditating with! Very pleased with purchase.
Little Treasures
from Anonymous on 06/06/2013
These Lemurian Laser crystals really are just the thing for adding extra amplification to any other crystal... I bought four with a veiw to working with them in a 'star' formation where extra help might be needed. Used them on myself just this morning to great and rapid relief from a nasty headache in combination with chevron amethyst ~ worked a treat. They have a lovely feel to them, a strong and calming tone.
Amazing quartz laser wands
from Anonymous on 24/04/2013
The energy from the points work wonderful with any crystal layout where the focus crystal wands add is required. Truly enhance the healing experience that takes place in a crystal healing session. Also wonderful when working with own connection to source and energy.

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