Super Seven crystal #4

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Super seven crystal #04 approximate size 7.4 x 5 cm approx weight 70 grams
Super 7 crystals
Also known as Sacred Seven and the Melody Stone after the American crystal healer and author Melody.
It comprises seven different minerals: amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidocrocite, quartz, rutile and smokey quartzSuper seven is found in only one location in Brazil. It has been found that smaller segments of the mineral exhibit all the healing qualities even though all seven different minerals may not be present in the specimen. It is the energy of the original mass that seems to give super seven it's wonderful healing potential.

Super Seven crystal
Astrological associations;all
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe super seven crystal helps Aura, seeing auras, connection to spirit, psychic awareness, truth, spiritual connection, advancement and fulfilment of dreams goals and ideals, karma, reincarnation, past lives, peace, harmony, love, telepathy, claiaudience, clairvoyance, creativity, Earth healing.

Super Seven crystal
Super Seven crystal Super 7 crystals. Beautiful very rare natural super seven crystal. Each is unique. These are ideal for healing, laying on of stones on the body or setting in jewellery, and for specialist collectors. The photograph is of the actual Super Seven Crystal you will receive.

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