Moonstone crystal pendulum

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Moonstone crystal faceted pendulum dowser.  A perfect crystal for dowsing. Size 3 - 4cm with silver chain.



White variety of feldspar that exhibits a schiller effect, adularescence that gives the stone a blue sheen and makes it appear to glow gently inside.

Common sources: India, Sri Lanka Astrological association: Cancer Chakras: sacral, crown


Associated with the moon, lunar cycles, creation on al levels, birth, death, and rebirth.

Physical: good for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and menstrual cycle. Eases menopausal symptoms, PMS, period pains, and excessive menstrual bleeding. Good for hormones, detox, kidneys, bladder, liver, and lymphatic system.

Emotional/spiritual: promotes femininity. Boosts sexuality, passion, confidence, composure, happiness, gentleness, joy, fun, and intuition. For men, promotes getting in touch with your female side. Brings change endings and beginnings. Encourages optimism. Brings insight, flashes of inspiration (rainbow moments to remember forever), and creativity.

Helps break repeated, unhealthy behavior patterns. Connects you to Gaia Mother Earth. Promotes the cycle of sending healing to the planet in return for the Earth's nurture.


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