Bumble bee jasper sphere 5cm

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Bumble bee jasper sphere 5cm Approx size good banding
Bumble bee jasper
Trade name for colourful fibrous calcite with distinct yellow, orange and black banding found at Mount Papandayan, West Java, Indonesia. Colours from inclusions of realgar and pyrite and possibly anhydrite, hematite, orpiment, sulphur, angelite and arsenic. “Jasper” is a misnomer as all jaspers contain quartz and this has none.
Common alternate names: bumble bee agate, bumblebee jasper, eclipse stone, fumarolic jasper
Common source: only source Mount Papandayan, West Java, Indonesia (although often mistakenly identified as coming from Australia)
Astrological association: Cancer
Chakra: sacral, solar plexus
Healing qualities: Brings za za to your mojo! Promotes teamwork.
Physical: boosts energy, helps yin/yang balance, EMF, allergies, dexterity, small and large bowel, digestion, nerves, heart, blood and circulation.
Emotional: promotes change, helping you to make choices without emotion, drive, passion, busyness. It removes blocks allowing your creativity and desires to manifest and be expressed freely, discover new opportunities, take charge of situations, make decisions, move forward, positivity. Helps lift depression, negativity, self-limiting beliefs, allowing your creativity and confidence to flow. Aids intellect, removes distracting thoughts and emotions, allowing you to focus and helps you to see clearly through the fog in your mind.

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Bumble bee jasper sphere 5cm, crystal for mojo, bumble bee agate, bumblebee jasper, eclipse stone, fumarolic jasper, realgar, pyrite, anhydrite, hematite, orpiment, sulphur, angelite, arsenic

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