Amber - copal fossil tree resin crystal

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Fossilised resin from prehistoric trees that may have inclusions of animal, insect and/or plant material. Colours include; yellow, orange, brown, and green (artificial).
Common source; Baltic Sea area including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia. Copal from Columbia.
Astrological associations; Leo, Aquarius
Chakra; solar plexus
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe amber and copal help memory, absent mindedness, acne, abuse, traditionally used as antiseptic (topical elixir), bacterial infection, constipation (elixir), disinfectant (topical elixir) (also as a fumigant in medieval times), emotional blockages, heart, PMS, negativity, post operative, yin/yang, mind, drawing breath, calming, detox, fulfilment of dreams/goals/ideals, intellect, choice, good luck and protection for warriors, symbolises renewal of marriage vows (like an eternity ring), [burnt as an incense to] cleanse spaces [and remove negativity], (so perfect for healing, workshop and therapy rooms), purifies body, mind and spirit (worn), communication, traditionally for teething babies (chew).

Amber - copal fossil tree resin crystal
Top quality fossilised tree resin from Columbia. Most specimens contain insect or plant inclusions. Approx size 5 - 8cm.
Generic photograph specimen sold singularly.

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