Blue Barite crystal, Baryte blue 02

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Blue Barite crystal, Baryte blue 02
These crystals are like "angel wings" Approximate size 6.5 cm Source Morocco. Photograph is of the actual blue barite crystal you are buying. Blue baryte crystal sold singularly.Barite crystal

Barite Properties
Colourless, blue, white, grey, yellow or brown mineral forming tabular crystals, layered "plates" and fibrous masses. Also desert rose formation.
Common alternate names; barytes, baryte, barytine
Common source; Worldwide
Astrological associations; Aquarius
Chakra; throat
Healing qualities of barite; it gives you a "go for it!" attitude where everything becomes possible. Barite promotes friendship, harmony and love and can give you insight into relationships. Barite crystals also help catharsis, shyness and eyesight. Baryte is also a great detox crystal and is helpful when recovering from addiction. Blue Barite works exceptionally well on the throat chakra and promotes communication of ideas and thoughts, gives a spiritual connection or direction and helps you find your spiritual path in life. 

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