Chrysoprase crystal rough small

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Chrysoprase crystal rough small

Green or yellow (lemon) variety of chalcedony. These are green.
Source - Australia
Astrological associations; Libra
Chakra; heart
Healing qualities; Helps you to ?see through the fog in your mind?. anxiety, depression, fear, balance, general mental health and healing, schizophrenia, neurotic patterns, stress, meditation, inferiority complex, superiority complex, arrogance,  judgemental attitude, acceptance of others, self-acceptance, broken heart, heart, spleen, scurvy, dexterity, fertility, sexual polarities, a ?Feel Better Stone?, helps you to find and accept the root cause of your stress.

Chrysoprase crystal rough small Apple green variety of chalcedony, or green quartz. Size approximately 2 - 3cm, generic photograph, chrysoprase crystal rough sold singularly and may have associated natural matrix.

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