Hematite crystal

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Hematite crystal


Hematite Metallic grey/silver when polished, black and brick red/brown masses, botryoidal forms, rosettes, layered "plates", tabular and rhombohedral crystals.
Common source; worldwide, Brazil, UK, Morocco,
Astrological associations; Aries, Aquarius
Chakra; base
Healing qualities; blood, anaemia, courage, strength, cramps, grounding, MS, personal magnetism, stress, spleen, back ache, blood clots, air sickness, travel sickness, jet lag, insomnia, mental processes, thoughts, memory, dexterity, numbers/maths, cooling body temperature and reducing fever (elixir), sun burn (topical elixir), yin/yang, protection from negativity, attracts love, meditation, vertebrae and spine, broken bones, fractures.







Hematite crystal
Botryoidal crystal structure. Approximate size 6 - 7 cm. Generic photograph crystal sold singularly. Source Morocco.

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