Moldavite - tektite meteorite crystal 21

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Green tektite originally created from meteorite impact melting the earth's surface and itself on impact. This is the resulting reformed natural glass material; part earth, part space rock.
Common alternate name - valtava
Common source: ONLY source is Czech Republic
Astrological associations; Scorpio, all
Chakra; brow, heart
Healing qualities; soft general healing tonic, physical and mental balance, opens the mind to new possibilities, new experiences, altered mind states (meditation, dreams, hypnosis etc), clairsentience.

Moldavite - tektite meteorite crystal 21
High quality moldavite crystal specimen approx size 2cm. Source Czech Republic - Moldavite is a unique form of tektite resulting from a meteorite impact.

Moldavite tektite meteorite, moldavite crystal space rock, moldavite green tektite, natural glass

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