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Papagoite quartz crystal 01. Very rare amazing small sky blue papagoite crystals on matrix rock. Size approximately 3 x 1.5 x 2 cm. Source: New Cornelia Mine (Ajo Mine), Ajo, Little Ajo Mts, Ajo District, Pima Co., Arizona, USA. The photographs are of the actual papagoite quartz crystal you are buying.

Papagoite quartz
Papagoite forms as clear sky blue inclusions in quartz crystals, phantoms, ?snowballs?, veins and druse.
Common source ? South Africa, USA
Astrological associations: Sagittarius
Chakra: throat, brow
Healing qualities: Papagoite brings harmony; a feeling of being at one with the flow of the Universe, a very Taoist crystal that creates a sense that there is no need to try and paddle upstream in life. Papagoite clears blocked energy in the throat chakra allowing you to speak your mind with both love and clarity. It transforms negative energy into positive such as changing sorrow into happiness, or anger into peaceful calm resulting in an optimistic outlook on life. It creates a sense of well-being. Papagoite promotes compassion for yourself and others. It removes antagonism and the feeling of being put upon or a victim mentality.

Papagoite activates your psychic abilities stimulates the brow chakra and enhances all your intuitive capacities. It is said to assist thought projection. Meditating with papagoite quartz allows you to see the beauty in everything. Drinking an elixir of papagoite before meditation can bring a euphoric sensation.

Papagoite can help to heal pain and release joyous energy. It releases stress and helps to build relationships.

Physically papagoite is good for the throat, brain, eyes and muscles and is especially helpful for disorders and diseases of the intestine (small and large bowel, colon, and rectum).

Papagoite quartz is a powerful manifestation crystal bringing the things you want as well as need into your life. 

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