Chlorite Phantom Quartz Crystal 07

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Chlorite Phantom Quartz Crystal 07. Excellent Quartz Phantom crystal, polished along natural lines to clearly display the brilliant ghost like chlorite phantom inside the natural quartz crystal. The photo is of the unique ghost quartz crystal you are buying. Size approx 5.5 cm tall x 5 cm wide
Often found as green phantoms in quartz crystals. Chlorite group includes clinochlore (aka seraphinite) listed separately.
Common source - Brazil
Astrological associations; Sagittarius
Chakra; heart
Crystal qualities; Crystal healers believe chlorite phantom crystals help detox, relieve anger, hostility, fear. These ghost crystals can give inner warmth (elixir), weight loss (elixir), ease the symptoms of allergies that are stress related. In meditation chlorite phantom quartz crystals help you to finding answers to your questions.  Chlorite phantom crystals can help to reduce symptoms of stress such as bloating, wind pains, and chronic pain by helping you to see the answers to your problems. Phantom crystals help you to see the unseen and see through the veil into different dimensions and realities.

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