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Preseli Bluestone Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stones - genuine Preseli bluestone from the Preseli Mountains in Wales. This is the same material that the original stone circle at Stonehenge was built from. New sizes generic photograph Preseli Bluestone sold singularly.

Boulders of Preseli blue stone weighing 2 - 4 tons were transported over 200 miles from Preseli in Wales to Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain by prehistoric people who were certain of its unique energy and power.

Recent archaeological finds suggest that smaller pieces of these stones were given to those seeking health by the priests. This is dating back to around 2150BC, over 4,000 years ago!

Technically dolerite is an igneous rock (formed from volcanic activity) and is similar to basalt, but has larger crystals within its structure indicating that it cooled slowly when it was formed. These Preseli bluestones also contain spots or clusters or "flowers" of white plagioclase feldspar as well as augite and possibly mica giving the mysterious glittery effect seen in sunlight and some artificial light. Although called bluestones their colour is only shown truly when wet. Then they appear blue or green. It is the way that water displays their colour theme that is linked strongly to their healing applications in baths and elixirs.

The colour is also shown when they are polished.

Preseli Bluestone Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stone is like an ancient voice calling from the distant past; it touches something deep inside us all. It connects to the brow and throat chakras and speaks of communication in every media; ancient and modern. This feels especially correct for truly spiritual ideas. You can actually hear this sound if you hold one of these stones next to your ear. It sounds a little like, but distinctly different from, holding a sea shell to your ear - and it makes your insides wobble a little to feel the connection to a voice so ancient. To some it is ancient, feint and cracking like you could imagine the sound at start of creation. Hold them to your nose and smell them and you'll notice just as ancient aroma like the inside of somewhere you can't quite identify - a cave perhaps?

Common source; Preseli Mountains, Wales, UK is the ONLY source
Astrological associations; Gemini and Pisces
Chakra; brow and throat
Healing qualities -  helps all physical healing (when added to bath water or as an elixir), promotes change, new beginnings by opening doors to new possibilities, fulfilment of your dreams, goals, and ideals. These stones aid divination helping you to see into the past and the future. It facilitates re-birth and astral travel. Also it gives an inner force, courage and emotional strength that help you to see the funny side of things. It brings peace of mind and can be relaxing helping with the relief of phobias, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. It benefits any type of public speaking. Linking to the priests of old (predating Druidry, these people worshiped the Ancestors) it offers their favour and perhaps "the favour of the ancestors or gods" bringing wealth and happiness and answering your prayers. The roughness you feel as you stroke it brings focus and concentration to the mind.

These Preseli bluestones feel instantly like old, steadfast, protective, reliable and sturdy friends.

Other people have suggested that the Preseli Bluestone Dolerite, Blue stone, Stonehenge Stone ties in to the heart chakra bringing feelings of compassion, love and peace. It can be helpful to heal the emotional wounds from a relationship break-up. It promotes gallantry, nobility and boosts sexual attraction.

In the 12th Century Geoffrey of Monmouth suggested that these stones would cure ills by bathing in water that was poured over them. He poetically wrote?
The Stones are great
And magic power they have
Men that are sick
Fare to that stone
and wash that stone
And with that water bathe away their sickness

Incidentally Geoffrey was responsible for our current spelling of Merlin which he changed from the Welsh Myrddin.

One theory is that the Preseli bluestones at Stonehenge are the spoils of war taken by an invading force from Salisbury Plain into the Preseli Mountains and transported back by captured slaves. Other suggestions link them to Merlin's ancestors.

Some people in the USA refer to this unique rock as Elvis Stone - from the name connection Preseli - Presley. I think this is a little tentative to say the least! But if you're looking for Elvis Stone then you have found it right here.

Prescelly bluestone - Preseli is sometimes spelt Prescelly, which I think means "Land of the Circles".

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