Silver crystal, Natural native silver crystal 03

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Silver crystal, Natural native silver crystal 01

Silver crystal
Source: Mexico
Astrological associations: Cancer
Chakra: crown and brow
Healing qualities; emotional balance, mental health and healing, mental trauma and eases the mind helping to relieve headaches. It promotes speech, public speaking and aids speech impediments such as stammer. Silver crystals can be effective in the treatment of infections drawing out toxins from the body and are reputed to aid infective illnesses such as gastritis, hepatitis and some causes of nausea as well as helping with weight loss.
Silver crystals can help you look into your inner-self. They are said to reflect the soul and are beneficial in meditation to enhance deeper states. They can also bring abundance drawing to you those things you need to ease your path through life.
Silver is said to increase the effectiveness of other crystals too.
Silver is linked to the moon, water and femininity. It works with all the chakras but is often particularly beneficial placed on the crown or brow chakra.

Silver crystal, Natural native silver crystal 03 approximate size 2.5cm. The photograph is of the actual crystal you are buying.

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