Titanium quartz crystal - Large Flame aura quartz crystals 23

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Titanium quartz crystal - Flame aura quartz crystals 23 Stunning rainbow coloured titanium quartz crystals. Large crystal cluster approximate size 14 x 9.5 cm.
Titanium quartz
Quartz crystal bonded with titanium and niobium.
Common alternate names: Flame aura quartz, Rainbow Quartz, rainbow aura quartz, Aura Quartz, Royal Aura
Common source: USA (from Arkansas or Brazilian quartz)
Astrological associations; all star signs
Chakra; Crown, All
Crystal healers believe the following: Healing Qualities of titanium quartz; Centres emotions when you feel all over the place, Helps you see another's point of view, meditation, stimulates energy flow, change, helps you find your own true path through life, career decisions, helps you see auras, fever, fluids, dehydration, water retention, prevents illness (keeps you well), a feel better crystal, bone cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis.

Please note that while the descriptions of the properties, qualities and meanings of some crystals refer to healing benefits, they are not intended to replace diagnosis of illness or ailments, or healing or medicine and do not imply a Guarantee of effect. Crystals and crystal healing may offer a treatment which is supportive of your healing, they do not offer a direct cure to physical ailments as they work on the vital energy level. Always consult your doctor or other health professional in the case of illness. Although there is little scientific evidence of the efficacy of crystal healing, there has been very little research conducted and in our experience many people benefit from the energy of crystals.

Titanium quartz crystal, Flame aura crystals, Flame aura quartz crystals, Rainbow Quartz crystal, rainbow aura quartz crystal, Aura Quartz crystal, Royal Aura crystal

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